Yoga Classes in Little Chalfont

General yoga classes will start in person from September 4th 2020. Please contact me if you would like to join in. You will need to bring your own mat.

Restorative classes are being held online at the moment due to the need for social distancing. Please contact me for details.

General Yoga Classes are suitable for all. The practice is alignment-based and has an emphasis on moving through postures with the aim to integrate mind, body and breath. Strength, flexibility and movement are developed through working with the breath. Yoga practice is determined by personal needs, so despite the communality of class and instruction, there is individual attention and adaptation as necessary. The physical practice is suitable for people who do lots of sports and would like to improve flexibility and for people who do relatively little but would like to improve strength.

Restorative Yoga Classes are a chance to reset the nervous system from one that is outward looking and responsive to our stimulus laden environment to one that looks internally, allowing the body to release and soften and rest. Some have said that a restorative practice helps them with sleep, anxiety, digestion and menopausal symptoms but, as alluded to before, this is a personal experience.

The price is £10 per class.

Please contact me beforehand if it is the first time you are attending.

Friday 9:15am – General Yoga

A class for those with some experience.

Friday 10.30am – Yoga gently.

A class for beginners

Little Chalfont Methodist Church
Chalfont Avenue
Little Chalfont