Breathe online

Just in case any of you find breathing exercises or meditation helpful to reset, reduce anxiety and improve focus amongst the constant uncertainty and challenges that are being faced, we have put together 10-minute Zoom sessions at 7am and 8:30pm on weekdays.

Each session will include either guided breathing or meditation, and will be led by a yoga teacher, some of whom are also health practitioners.

Please feel free to access these sessions using the links below:

If you are logging in with ID, use the password breathe.

These sessions can be done at work or home, alone or in a team. Please find a comfortable place to sit, lie or stand which you can maintain for about 10 minutes.

If you would like to have a specific session for your team either at the start or end of a shift or would like the details of one of the teachers, please contact me.

The sessions were initially set up for NHS staff but we are happy for anyone who benefits to enjoy access.